What Is Local SEO?

Nearly 25% of Google searches are for localized queries. The local SEO is an SEO website which takes account of the regional dimension. The purpose of this Google SEO is to provide Internet users with the best answers for their localized search.

A search is called local when it contains either the name of a city or a postal code. If you type “SEO agency Lyon,” for example, Google will only display SEO agencies, Lyon. If you do not specify the location, Google relies on your location to display the results it deems most relevant. Thus, if you are in Paris and you type “Italian restaurant” on your Smartphone, Google automatically directs you to restaurants located in the City of Light.

This type of free listing offered by Google My Business is unusual for businesses as it allows them to reach a much more comprehensive audience. With this SEO website, as soon as the user searches for information on a service or a product in a locality, Google displays the details of their business (address, opening hours, Google Maps position). It should not be forgotten that nearly 88% of localized searches carried out from a smartphone often give rise to a phone call or a visit.

What is meant by golden triangle SEO?

The Golden Triangle refers to the part of search results where the attention and clicks of users are concentrated. In 2005, a study conducted jointly by two American companies, namely Did-it and Enquiro, following Eye Tracking technology developed by Eyetools determined that this famous Golden Triangle matches the first results displayed by search engines.

To gain traffic, it is essential to be at the top of the search results. Google SEO improves the positioning of a website. If you want to set up an effective web marketing strategy, it is, therefore, an absolute necessity to carry out an upstream webpage referencing work.

How to improve your international SEO?

Your website is your best ambassador on the international market, provided, of course, that search engines will index it. For a better referencing of Internet site abroad, there are good practices to adopt and shortcuts to avoid.

  • Entrust this Google SEO work to an SEO professional who has the skills to determine which keywords to target based on language and target country. This improves your indexing by national search engines like Google.It, Google.uk, Google.es or Google.de.
  • Avoid automatic translation. Instead, entrust the translation of your content to a professional in the field.
  • Choose the right structure for your URLs. Domain name associated with a country, subdomain or subdirectory with gLTD or different URL parameters, etc. It’s up to you to choose the option best suited to the project you wish to undertake.

What is the cost of an SEO strategy for a website?

The cost of a website SEO varies depending on the importance of your business. It can range from 15,000 euros/year for SMEs to several thousand euros per month for large structures.

Other factors can also influence the cost of SEO. Here are a few :

  • Objectives to reach
  • The size of the site
  • The importance of competition
  • Your needs
  • The sector of activity in which you practice

It is only after a careful analysis of these different parameters that the SEO professional determines the cost of referencing your site.

Why use an outside provider to perform SEO?

Google SEO is not as easy as it seems. It needs :

  • Expertise in SEO
  • A constant watch to be aware of the latest developments in Google’s indexing criteria.

Google SEO: which keywords to choose?

The SEO keywords are selected according to your sector of activity, always considering their popularity (the rate of recurrence in the searches of Internet users) and their level of competition (the fact that they are the least used by the competitors). Although they are essential for positioning well in Google, some generic keywords (such as “Google SEO agency”) are more effective in being embedded in expressions called “long tail.” More precise, they are therefore more productive regarding quality traffic. Note that among various tools to generate appropriate keywords, Google also offers its keyword planning tool Adwords.

Why is it better to use the long tail of SEO?

What is called “long tail” in SEO website consists of a sequence of at least four words forming a key phrase? Positioning yourself on this type of longer and more precise keywords, responding to a more specific search, makes it possible to develop more qualified traffic on its website. For example, using a short-term such as “restaurant in Guadeloupe,” a longer term such as “restaurant with French specialties located in Guadeloupe” is used instead. Less used by webmasters, these expressions are less competitive and have a higher conversion rate. Note that voice search on Google is similar to long-tail queries.

Google update: how does it work?

Planned to bring relevant search results to users, Google algorithms must evolve with the needs, and benefit from regular updates. These can operate without hindering the indexing and reference of the website. But they can also sometimes be substantial, by modifying Google’s search criteria considerably. Presented under code names, these include:

  • Google Penguin aims to purify and qualify the exchange of links;
  • Google Panda considers more the quality of the content of the sites;
  • Google Colibri, or Google RankBrain, offers a filter to probe the intentions of users, allowing to specify and to confirm the results vis-à-vis the research;
  • Google Mobile-Friendly favors sites that adapt to mobile. In parallel, the Mountain View company offers you a Mobile-Friendly test to control the compatibility of your website with portable devices.

Video optimization: how to proceed?

Google SEO work also involves the optimization of videos. For better website referencing through video content, there are some simple rules to follow.

Broadcast on all video platforms (Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube, etc.), to increase your visibility.

Practice net linking. In other words, be sure to add links that point to your video, this will promote its Google positioning. Also, do not forget to include the address of your site in the description of your videos. This can improve the free listing of your site by Google.

Fill in the metadata with the correct information. When referencing a website, search engines rely solely on the content of the metadata such as the title, the description, and the different tags or keywords.

Put the most critical information at the beginning of your description. When the results of the search engines appear, the user only sees the first sentences of the story. If they seem relevant to him, he will click and see the video. Otherwise, he will move on to the next one.